RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gardens

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RHS Chelsea 2010

Client: Cancer Research UK

The Charity’s chosen concept of ‘Enlighten’ was represented as a ‘journey’ towards calm, order, serenity and rationality at the heart of the space.

Physical concepts of enlightenment were explored through the use of light and shade, shadow and contrast. As the visitor moves along the “journey” the paving changed from dark and rough to light and smooth, while in the planting there was a transition from monochrome to colour.

The garden was surrounded by a slatted timber ‘cloister’ for contemplation, which created vistas and produced ever-changing light and shadow within it.The terrace was covered by a dramatic slatted canopy with a central circular opening, drawing light into a circular reflecting pool below filled with water lilies (a Japanese symbol of enlightenment).

The garden was awarded a Gold medal by the Royal Horticultural Society.