Parks & Public Realm

Southwark Cathedral, London

Client: Southwark Cathedral

This was a Millennium Commission funded project, involving the re-casting of existing churchyards and the creation of a new square associated with the new Refectory. The design confers a distinctive identity and a sense of calm and order upon an area that was previously confused and dispiriting, despite its historical associations.

The East Churchyard has been designed as a new herb garden, a reference to the Cathedral’s past as a monastic foundation. To the north of the Cathedral is a new paved courtyard which is enclosed by the new library and refectory buildings and a row of Liquidambar trees under-planted with a mixture of aromatic shrubs. In the South Churchyard, the space has been re-designed to improve the quality of the fabric and make the space more welcoming.

The project was completed in 2001 and was winner of the Landscape Institute’s Design Category in 2004.